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Vet in Sacramento: A Comprehensive Approach

We recognize that a veterinarian's value is determined by his or her ability to successfully prevent, diagnose, and treat any illness that a dog may be suffering from. Animal Wellness Center Sacramento ability to listen and communicate effectively with owners is just as crucial in ensuring that they understand animal health concerns and how to make the best decisions for their dog. We have the facility, equipment, drugs, and expertise to keep your pet as safe as possible. Just like Pet Wellness Sacramento and Cat Clinic Sacramento,
Our goal is to heal with compassion and care. We specialize in the following animal health services:

Allergy Testing: While allergies are rarely fatal, they do cause discomfort and should be treated.

Bathing and Hygiene A healthy bathing and hygiene regimen is the foundation of responsible pet ownership.

Behavior Services: Your pet's behavior is not entirely inherited, but it can be learnt and unlearned with your dedication and our assistance.

Boarding: While you are out, we can ensure that your dog is adequately cared after.

Cancer Management: Our communicative, community-based approach to cancer treatment makes all the difference.

Cardiology: We get to the heart’s health and wellness issues with our first-rate facilities, equipment, and professional understanding.

Dental Care: Our dental knowledge and experience can help you avoid and cure dental problems, such as periodontal disease.

Dermatology: We can diagnose skin disorders before they progress to something more serious.

Diagnostic Imaging: Diagnostic imaging allows our veterinarians to diagnose illness, disease, and other issues so that the appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

Emergency Care: During our office hours, we are equipped to handle any emergency care your pet may require.

Flea & Tick Treatment: For your pet’s health and comfort, we use a variety of safe and effective flea & tick prevention and treatment options.

Grooming: We can make sure your dog's grooming is tailored to his or her lifestyle.

Heartworm Prevention: We specialize in heartworm prevention and treatment for your dog, as well as education and medical prevention.

Medication and Surgery: Our vets will inform you of all suitable treatment alternatives, including homeopathic and nutraceutical therapies, because there is a lot more to health, wellness, and medicine than prescribed medication and surgery.

Laboratory Examination: Our in-house laboratory testing services ensure that your dog receives faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Laser Therapy: We can tailor our pain management programs to incorporate laser therapy for arthritis, other inflammatory disorders, and post-operative pain management.

Nutrition: Our nutrition education, awareness, and intervention programs can help keep your pet fit and healthy.

Pain Treatment: Regardless of your age, ability, or condition, we specialize in individualized, effective, and compassionate pain management.

Parasite Prevention and Treatment: For some parasite infections, prevention and early discovery are critical to survival.

Pregnancy: With our extensive experience, we can assist your dog in achieving a successful pregnancy and a happy, healthy litter of puppies.

Preventative Care: With our complete preventive care program, you can keep your pet healthy and happy all year long.

Puppy Care: We will work with you to ensure that your puppy receives the finest possible care and that you have all of the knowledge you require to properly care for your new family member.

Senior Care: Our detailed senior care protocols and processes will assist you in assisting your pet in aging gracefully, healthily, and happily.

Semi-Annual Wellness Checks: As a cornerstone of preventative care, semi-annual wellness exams are essential for staying on top of chronic health conditions and anticipating potential difficulties.

Post-Operative Care: Our specialized pre-surgical, surgical, and post-operative care will ensure that your pet has the safest and most comfortable surgical operation possible. Our facilities, professional surgeons, and technicians will ensure that your dog is well taken care of before, during, and after surgery.

Vaccinations: Vaccination programs will be tailored to the age, medical history, environment, travel patterns, and breed of an animal.

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We are a full-service integrative veterinary practice that combines holistic and traditional treatment methods for the best possible health of your animal. Call us now at Animal Wellness Center Sacramento.