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Spay and Neuter Sacramento

There are thousands of cats and dogs that end up in rescue or home shelters because of overpopulation. Animal rescue shelters can only take in stray cats and dogs according to their maximum capacity; beyond that is overwhelming. Animal rescue shelters are a non-profit organization that rescues neglected or homeless animals. For them to stay afloat, they need funding to sustain their facility. This can be a tough decision for animal rescue shelters to make if they can’t have the budget they needed. Although inhumane, they would resort to putting them down rather than getting beaten up out in the streets. At Spay and neuter Sacramento, we provide services to sterilize your pets at an affordable price. This is to ensure pets don’t reproduce an insane amount of offsprings that would end up being homeless or abused.

Spay and neuter clinic Sacramento

Spaying and neutering can play a significant role in the controlling animal population. An estimated amount of 67,000 offsprings a year can be produced by a single dog, while in cases of cats, an astounding amount of 370,000 kittens in just a matter of seven years. Animals live longer and stay happier when they are sterilized. One of the benefits of spaying female animals is eliminating the uncomfortable experience in the in-heat process; uterine and mammary cancer risk is also minimized. The neuter dog situation can prevent male dogs from roaming around and minimize getting into fights; also, this prevents the chance of getting testicular cancer. Sterilized animals are less likely to contract infectious diseases because it cuts down the supply of bodily fluids. Local governments spend taxpayers’ money to ineffectively combat the overpopulation of stray animals by rounding them up and sending them to pounds. This can be avoided through spaying and neutering. This way, feeding and homeless housing animals can be avoided and would be spending almost nothing.

Spay and neuter Sacramento FAQS

Are there changes in their personality?
Spaying and neutering will only eliminate undesirable behaviors like being aggressive towards male animals and removing territories by urinating. Neutered males will have fewer chances of getting into fights, wandering off, or marking their territory. For spayed females, hormonal-related mood swings issues will be minimized. The good thing about sterilizing your pets is that they will spend more time with you rather than finding a mate, and also, your pets can safeguard your family.
Is there a possibility of weight gain after the procedure?
Not really. Pet owners who overfeed their cats and dogs, and not let them become active in exercising will cause weight gain.
Why neuter my male cat or dog?
Male animals are the main culprits in the increase in animal cohabitation more than females. A single unsterilized male can impregnate a lot of female animals. From one female, male animals will jump to another animal of the opposite sex creating a lot of offsprings that would end up as stray animals. Neutering male animals minimize testicular cancer, and less biting can happen.
Is one litter enough for a female pet before the procedure?
Before female animals reach sexual maturity, it’s better to spay them. Spaying them at an early age or before they undergo the cycle prevents the potential risk of mammary cancer. In addition, there will be fewer complications involving the uterus and ovaries, which will require invasive surgeries.

The bottom line

Spaying and neutering can be beneficial for your pets. They can live healthier and joyful lives; accidents will be lessened. Pet owners can contribute to controlling overpopulation; this way, euthanasia can be avoided. If you want your pets to be happy and safe, contact Spay and neuter Sacramento.